"Atlanta Assistant more than paid for itself when they recognized the room full of unsold products in my guesthouse. They listed the items online and took care of everything from the shipping to customer service. This was something I never thought to do and now I have extra space and cash in my pocket. Highly recommend the service for your needs and what you don’t even realize you need."

-R. Henry Bowers

"Atlanta Assistant recognized the need I had for extra closet room, something I’d struggled with for years. They advised switching out my mismatched hangers and getting rid of things I hadn’t worn in years. In one afternoon, we’d completely overhauled my closet and now I love getting dressed in the morning!”

-J. Hertzwig

"Brittney is very knowledgeable about natural health and nutrition. As an existing client, I mentioned my desire to lose weight and within 7 months lost a total of 70 lbs. without working out once! I simply followed her guidelines for breakfast and lunch and the rest is history."


"I used to dread my weekly dry cleaning pick ups and grocery shopping until I hired Brittney. It’s like I have a magic errand fairy that comes and goes while I’m at work. I’ve added fresh flower delivery to the weekly list and she takes care of any special occasion gift shopping I have come up. The gifts are always unique and tailored to the recipient and delivered with beautiful presentation. The best part is I get to take all the credit."

-G. Pitts



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